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First off you need to have a website to host your blog on and having a website is something pretty simple to do. If you do not have a domain to put your website on to host your blog, then you need to see my earlier article on building your website which included the topic of domains. From this point forward we will assume that you have a domain setup, a website in which to host your blog.

To blog for your home based business should not be difficult for one of the most elementary fundamentals of blogging is to write about something you know about and are intimate with and since it is not about your wife or girlfriend we will just go with your business. Thinking about the amount of time you spend working at your business and away from home, I would imagine that you are probably very intimate with your business which in turn means you should have no trouble at all blogging about it.

The benefits of blogging are very extensive and when done for your business and about your business the benefits are beyond belief. You are putting writing for the cyber world at large every minute detail concerning your business (exercising some discretion and common sense as if you blogging about your wife) to make your potential customer swell informed about your business and product.

I personally had an electronic product of which I promoted and sold on the internet. To help my website visitors and potential customers understand a new product I introduced I actually developed a blog series in which I went through the complete manufacturing process on this product, component by component with video, still pictures and diagrams of the complete product. After each installment I fielded some great questions and comments from which I build quite a cult following and customer base. The results were what I would have never expected; I made some modifications and some improvements to this product which were made based on my reader's comments, questions and their involvement with my blog and interest in the product.

Needless to say and "I am not kidding!" that was the most successful product I have ever developed in my life and I sold the business and product 9 months ago to an interested party who had followed the blog and the process I went through in that series. Soon after the series concluded, I was contacted about selling and with not much negotiation at all a great price was settled on. What eventually became of my product was that it was the perfect component to be incorporated in to an existing product this buyer had and when they were combined he experienced a launch of a new and revised product that far exceeded any expectation of his.

My sharing this with you is to help you understand a facet of how business is conducted on the internet. What I experienced what not an unusual occurrence with business's on the internet or with websites and domains. The commerce involving this is no different than any other business being transacted other than this is part of the 21st century way of doing business and I point this out because I am not a young buck. I have been involved with computers, the internet and doing business this way all my life and I am 50ish yet I am still boggled by what occurs (in a good way).

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