Weight Loss Strategies for Wrestlers

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    • Every night we lose significant weight in our sleep. While you are dreaming, your body is still working to maintain its temperature of 98.6 degrees. To do so, your body is burning calories. To increase your weight loss during this period, you should sleep in a colder-than-normal room to cause your body to work even harder to maintain its normal temperature. You will burn even more calories and lose water weight due to "night sweats." Do not go overboard with this idea. A room that is 60 degrees instead of 70 will do just fine.

    Eating Smart

    • When we consume a large meal, it can add up to four pounds of weight to our body. Most of this food weight contains little to no nutrients. Eating a protein bar that weighs 2.5 ounces is smart because the bar contains more nutrients, carbohydrates and protein than a whole meal. PowerBar manufactures protein bars that contain six grams of fat and 40 carbohydrates in one 2.5-ounce bar. The trick to losing weight while staying healthy is putting the right stuff in your body. Cut foods that have a lot of fat or have little to no nutrients.

    Work Out

    • Burning calories is the best and safest way to lose weight. Work yourself hard before, during and after wrestling practice to burn as many calories as possible. Wear an extra layer to increase your water weight loss. Your extra clothing will help you sweat out unneeded toxins while losing weight in the process. Be sure not to dehydrate yourself; after practice drink a sports drink high in electrolytes but low in calories. Sugary fruit drinks and colas just add weight and calories to your body.


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