Aftermarket Wheels vs Factory Wheels

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Whether you're buying new wheels or considering an upgrade, you have to research and consider whether factory Wheels or aftermarket wheels are better suited to the needs of your vehicle. Factory Wheels, also called OEM wheels, are the wheels that come with your car or wheels that are supported by your car's manufacturer (the manufacturer rarely actually makes the wheels, but generally carries approved wheels for each particular model of car or truck). Aftermarket wheels are made by third party companies, and they're either designed to add great looks to a vehicle or to offer a low-cost alternative to factory wheels.

As many dealerships know, there are both good and bad options when it comes to aftermarket wheels; however, this is also true of factory wheels. Both wheel types vary by material and by their manufacturer. Generally, drivers should be careful to check both when looking at OEM wheels and their aftermarket replicas; or more precisely, be aware of where you're purchasing from.

While the vast majority of replicas and factory wheels are reliable, some are made by third-party companies with little experience in wheel manufacturing. These wheels are sold by disreputable websites that don't offer higher-quality custom products, and while they look just like the factory wheels that came with your car, they can crack easily depending on the metals used. Often times, these lower-quality, aftermarket replicas will flake within a very short time. High-quality replicas and factory wheels won't have these problems. If you're careful to buy from a reputable website, good replica wheels are plentiful. They tend to come from quality online stores rather than dealerships or wheel and tire shops.

Custom aftermarket wheels can be a great alternative to factory wheels, especially when major manufacturers like Speedline or Asante manufacture them. Custom wheels offer real chrome and high-quality craftsmanship, alloys which can cool your vehicle's brakes, and unbelievable balance for superior handling. These types of aftermarket products can cost more than factory wheels, but for many drivers, they're well worth the cost. The cost of quality aftermarket wheels can be reduced by shopping online and by selling your old wheels after replacement.

Depending on how much you value your car's looks and whether you enjoy customizing your vehicle, aftermarket wheels might be the right choice for you. There's certainly nothing wrong with factory wheels, as they'll provide predictable and reliable looks and handling, but the right aftermarket wheels can provide a whole lot more for some drivers. Be sure to buy online and to look for quality manufacturers when buying any wheels for the best experience.

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