Rectify Facial Deformity Due to Removal of Cancerous Spots Through Facial Reconstruction

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The face is one of the most common places to come up with skin cancer.
Why? Well, it's the one area that has been regularly exposed to the sun as it is not covered with clothing.
The ears, nose, neck, forehead, lips, cheeks are all top targets for the damaging rays of the sun.
When lesions of cancer appear, it can be devastating to a person's appearance to have the diseased spots removed and can leave a person disfigured without some reconstructive help.
Luckily, there are many miracles that plastic surgeons can perform on one's face to return them to attractiveness and normalcy.
There are three main types of skin cancer which a person may be the victim of: basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma.
Melanoma is the most dangerous and can be life threatening because of its ability to spread throughout the body.
Squamous cell is the second most dreaded form of skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma is the most common and the most curable.
One type of surgical removal of cancer is called the Mohs method.
This is a method where a tiny layer of tissue is removed at a time in order for the physician to examine it for cancerous cells.
This is a good way to prevent the removal of too much tissue.
The less removed, the less that needs to be repaired.
There are various methods to reconstruct the area of the face which has had cancerous tissue removed.
A skin graft is one method.
This is where healthy skin from another portion of a person's body is attached or grafted over the opening where damaged tissue has been removed.
It is stitched into the area and will grow together into a fresh bed of skin.
Another method to reconstruct the facial area is by clipping away diseased spots and pulling the remaining tissue over the area and then closing with sutures.
At times there isn't enough tissue in the area which needs to be remedied and in this case a surgical flap may be necessary.
This is where a larger incision is made and the skin upon the face repositioned and sutured.
It's kind of like making a new dress from a former gown by using the same fabric.
It's re-cut, re-stitched and there you have it, a brand new outfit.
Plastic surgeons using today's technology and techniques are excellent hiders of scarring.
Over time, the area heals and fades and the skin cancer ordeal will be forgotten except for the patient needing to be cautious, watchful and to continue to protect their skin from further sun exposure.

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