Health Insurance Quotes: First Step Towards Health Insurance

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Health insurance has become the order of the day. Majorly, people living in the metros have realized the utility and importance of mediclaim insurance plans. Investing in a mediclaim insurance plan is a long time investment and demands extensive research. It would act as your lifeline in case of medical requirement. Hence, it is advisable to get health insurance quotes from different insurance providers and go through all inclusions and exclusions before taking a policy.

How to get mediclaim insurance quotes from different providers?
With so many options of search engines on the internet, getting mediclaim insurance quotes is not a herculean task. Go through the websites of different insurance providers and demand the quote online. There is an option of Request for Quote on the website of all the leading mediclaim insurance providers. So, your request is just a click away!

What all information is required by my end to get the health insurance quotes?

You need to be ready with the following information:
€ Type of plan you want to seek: Individual or Family Floater
€ Age of all the family members
€ Sum Insured
€ Contact Number

If I am satisfied by the insurance quote, can I buy the policy instantaneously?
Yes, you can immediately buy the health insurance plan online by paying the premium online.

How are health insurance claims settled?

The claims are settled in two ways:
Cashless settlement: Cashless settlement is possible is you are availing treatment in a network hospital. In this type of health insurance claim settlement you need not pay the expense from your pocket as the mediclaim insurance provider directly settles the claim with the hospital.

Reimbursement: Reimbursement facility is provided if you are availing treatment in non-network hospital. On submission of original bills and other specified documents in stipulated timeframe, reimbursement of medical bills can be availed.

What is CSR?
CSR refers to Claim Settlement Ratio. It is indeed prudent to check the claim settlement ratio of the shortlisted health care provider. If the CSR is more than 90%, it means it is fairly good settlement ratio and the company is worthy of seeking your trust. The CSR of a company should be trailed for minimum 3 years to know exactly the service it provides to its customers.

What are the chances of health insurance claims being rejected?
mediclaim insurance claims are rejected due to lack of submission of documents, if the treatment is not covered under your mediclaim insurance plan or if you have forged any information. Hence, if the claim is genuine then the chances of rejection are very bleak.

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