The Future"s Bright in Digital Signage

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Digital signage is one of the few expanding industries in the current economic climate.
In fact analysts predict the industry will grow by 30 per cent in the next year alone, despite the global financial downturn.
With more and more businesses realizing the potential for this new media the future for the digital signage industry is far more stable than in most industrial sectors.
Whilst the market is growing new trends in the industry are starting to emerge.
Here are some of the main trends that are emerging: Increase use in digital outdoor signage.
More and more digital advertising systems are being placed outdoors and a growing trend of digital outdoor signage is emerging.
All-weather LCD screens and rugged LCD enclosures are being used to protect digital signage systems from the elements.
More Interaction Interactivity is another emerging trend in thios ne media Currently many signage systems employ touch screen as an interactive method but more other methods such as cell phone interaction are now staring to develop enhancing the digital signage experience for consumers.
Rise of LCD and the fall of plasma Having only really been in the market for the last six years, LCD has already seen of CRT and looks set to make plasma obsolete in the near future too.
Much of this has to do with the falling cost and even after six years in the market the price of LCD's is set to fall even further.
Digital out of home advertising (DooH)is a growing medium that few business can afford to at least not look into.

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