Tips for Selling Your Home on Your Own

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Once you have decided to sell your home, you have a couple of options in how to go about it.
Do you wish to sell it yourself or utilize the services of a real estate professional? In today's economic environment, selling your home yourself is a pretty tough proposition.
Would you rather save yourself the headache and hire a Realtor? Realtors do have fees associated with their services which are a hurdle for prospective sellers who are budget conscious.
In addition, if you hire a Realtor, you normally give the Realtor what is called the "Exclusive Right to Sell".
This means the Realtor has the right to market in order to procure offers to facilitate the sale of your home.
Selling a home takes very specialized knowledge, systems and a lot of time.
It is very tough but can be done without the need of a Realtor.
First step, decide how much you are going to ask for the property.
Look at similar listings in your area and area that are like your own.
Next, write an advertisement flyer for your home and include several photos.
Make sure your home is neat and clean before taking the pictures.
If possible, have the room decorated and furnished.
It is easier for the prospective buyer see the potential of the rooms if they are not dirty and/or empty.
You can take the flyers and post them around town in local shops.
Take an ad out in the local paper.
Listings in the Sunday papers do the best.
Put a For Sale sign in your yard and if possible, attach some of your flyers.
Second step, use the Internet for further advertising of your property.
There are many free sites to post your listing on, and even more that charge only a nominal fee to promote your ad.
Do not forget that people may be looking to transfer to your area - post your ad across the web and do not just focus on one geographical area.
Third step, while waiting on potential buyers to contact you for appointments, do your research on the legal forms you will need to complete the sale of your home.
At the very least, you will need a contract.
You can find the contract and other realty forms at your local office supply store as well as online.
If you are worried about this step, do not hesitate to contact an attorney to have a contract written for you.
When you are showing your property, be sure that you are honest when answering questions.
Also, be sure you know the answers to common questions such as "Do you have termites?" Never guess at the answers - be prepared and you will sell your home in no time! Very few for sale by owner homes actually are successfully sold.
The vast majority are eventually listed and sold using a Realtor.
When you are ready, you can always give me a call.
That way I can help you get what you want, in the time you want.

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