Copper Jewelry Ideas and Tutorials

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Crystal Hoop Wire Earrings

There are lots of different ways to make hoop earrings, so this is a form of jewelry making that I enjoy experimenting with. For these hoop earrings, I used copper wire that I embellished with crystal beads.More »

Make a Pairl of Wire Swirl Earrings

As far as the size of wire you need to use, for this tutorial I used 21-gauge round copper wire. Though, you could us many different sizes. Probably anywhere from as thin as 22-gauge wire to as thick as 18-gauge wire would work well. This is a beginning level project, so it is a great introduction to working with wire. Or for those who just like quick projects, you will also find these earrings fun and easy to make.More »

Vintage Flair Crystal Teardrop Earrings

Though the mirror crystal teardrop beads on these earrings are so pretty on their own you could simply stick them on a head pin, loop the head pin, add an ear hook, and be done, I wanted to bring them to the next level. At the same time, I wanted a pair of earrings that were not overly large and would be comfortable to wear on an everyday basis. This made me think of just making the finished pair of earring a little longer and a little more sparklier, and that is how I came up with the final design for these Vintage Flair Crystal Teardrop Earrings.More »

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