Your Internet Marketing List and 4 Ways to Strengthen It

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Having a list is important in Internet marketing, without a list you are lost.
All the Marketing Gurus out there tell you constantly to "build your list" and how to build your list.
But once you've got your list, how are you going to keep them? How are you going to keep their interest alive so you can sell more products to them? Here are four secrets to strengthening your relationship with your list and keep it working for you.
  1. Genuinely care about the people on the list.
    Do you want the best for them or are you just selling them stuff for your own profit? People know very quickly what our motives are by the way and what we communicate them.
    If every email we send is just another product that they don't really want or need they will soon be un-subscribing.
    Don't treat them like fools, choose to genuinely like them and think of them as friends.
  2. Work for their success.
    Help people be more successful whether it be in business, like Internet marketing or personal stuff like weight loss or relationships.
    This is a major key to a good long-term relationship with your list.
    Advice, articles, and blogs really need to be geared at helping your people be successful.
    The products you sell them need to work for them and assist hem achieve their goals.
  3. See things through their eyes.
    Why did they come to you in the first place? What was their point of need or itch? Are you still meeting it? Its good to take time to find out what people are thinking and their current concerns.
    Why not invite feedback? Send out a simple questionnaire with room for honest feedback.
    Find out how well they have done in achieving their goals; have your products and articles etc.
    helped? Offer a prize as an incentive to people to complete it the questionnaire.
    Read the feedback and take note!
  4. Give vision and bring people with you on your journey.
    Sometimes we forget that people on our list might be interested in us and our dreams and goals.
    They want to know what makes us tick and where we are heading.
    Many bought into our products and services because they were drawn to us in our articles or video clips.
    Our story attracted them in the first place.
    People buy into people more than products.
    If they see you going forward with vision and purpose they are likely to keep following.

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