The Best Kids Should Play With the Best Toys

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It is never easy to find the most appropriate toys for your baby, mainly because there are so many kinds of toys out there.
However, you should be able to identify the toys your baby is allowed to play with and select them taking into consideration your baby's age and their neuro-psychological development.
During the first months of their lives, babies can't grab things and therefore, they will be satisfied with some toys they can only analyse with their sight or with their hearing.
Therefore, you should get your baby big colourful toys, which make sounds or play different songs.
Babies can't see very well at the beginning of their life because their vision is foggy, only being able to figure out things which are less than forty centimetres away from them.
A newly-born usually recognizes their mother when they are one month old.
Once the baby starts seeing things properly, they love looking at colourful objects, which have strong contrasts.
Music is another very good stimulus, especially if it comes from the mother, whose voice the baby recognizes instantly.
Once the baby has reached the age of three or four months, you can turn to toys which can be held, to toys made of plastic and which are noisy and very brightly coloured.
Babies always find these very funny and interesting.
You can also place mirrors over their bed, but make sure these mirrors are shock resistant.
Given the fact that the baby spends most of their time laying on their back, these mirrors can be a real miracle.
Babies are usually fascinated by their own image and they start smiling and analysing their own features.
Books aren't very interesting for them, but you can convince them to touch a coloured book or to analyse one, while you are singing to them or speaking to them.
You should definitely use noisy toys if you can't supervise them.
Just hang a little something on their wrist or on their ankle and they will be fascinated by the noise that something makes.
Play nice and be inspired when choosing the toys for your baby!

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