Make Money on eBay - How to Deal With Different Auctions

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Over the years, sellers choose different types of auctions to make money on eBay.
This is in fact eBay's one of the best features that allow people to buy and sell their stuffs in a more flexible way.
With the help of this article, now we will find out how to deal with different auctions to make money on eBay.
Normal Auctions This type of auction is really simple.
In this type of auction, buyers bid, others outbid them and finally the highest bidder wins the product.
It's as simple as that.
Reserve Auctions Say, you have decided upon a price and you just don't want to lower your price than that, then you need to work on reserve auction type.
This type of auction is just similar to normal auctions; the only difference is that the buyers will be informed if their bidding price is less than the reserve price.
In such a case, the bidder will be asked to bid again, if he needs that item.
If no one bids on or above the reserve price, the auction will be canceled and the seller keeps the item.
Buy It Now (BIN) Auctions There are 2 different ways which you can choose for BIN auctions to make money on eBay.
You can add a Buy It Now (BIN) button to your existing normal auctions.
This allows bidders to bid either normally or to buy the item at the asked price.
Or you can simply put your items at BIN auctions, just by eliminating all the hassles of auction formats.
eBay has introduced another interesting feature, called the 'best offer'.
With this feature the auction interface has become more flexible for bother buyers and sellers.
Using this feature, buyers can contact the seller to bargain about the price.
This not just helps the buyer, but the seller can easily get sell some additional stocks at a discounted price and make more money on eBay.
However, there is a downside of these reserve and fixed price auctions, i.
you need to pay a small extra charge to make use of these features.
Tips: Make use of reserve auctions for high-valued items and fixed price for low-valued items.
Well, you can easily combine these two to make more flexible format.
Dutch Auctions This is not the common type of auction.
In fact, it is a pretty rare one.
This type of auction is also known as auction for multiple items.
In this type of auctions, bidders bid for a price and they mention the quantity of the items they want to have.
Rest of the bidders then pays the lowest price which was bid by one of the winning bidders.
So, now you know about the different types of eBay auctions and you can choose them individually or in combination to make money on eBay.

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