How to Reset the Windows Log On Password

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    In a Work Group

    • 1). Restart the computer and enter the wrong password in the log on screen.

    • 2). Click "OK" when the "Incorrect Password" message appears.

    • 3). Click "Reset Password."

    • 4). Insert the password reset disk.

    • 5). Follow the steps given in the Password Reset Wizard.

    • 6). Log on with the new password.

    On a Domain

    • 1). Click "Start" and choose "Control Panel."

    • 2). Click "User Accounts." Click "User Accounts" again.

    • 3). Click "Manage User Accounts."

    • 4). Click "Users for this Computer" under the "Users" tab. Click "Reset Password."

    • 5). Type and confirm the new password. Click "OK."


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