How to Make Your Own Cursors for Windows Vista

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    • 1). Open your cursor editor and create a new animation file. Choose the size of the cursor, keeping in mind that the smaller the cursor, the less room you'll have to work with.

    • 2). Use the paint tools to draw the basic shape of your cursor in the grid. Remember the upper left-hand corner of the grid will be where a click actually occurs so that should be the "point" of the pointer.

    • 3). Add a new frame to the animation by right-clicking in the frame bar and selecting "New frame."

    • 4). Modify your new frame to be the next stage of the animation using the paint tools.

    • 5). Repeat steps three and four until your animation is complete. Remember that your animation will be cyclical so the last frame should flow into the first frame.

    • 6). Export your animation as a ".ani" cursor file using "File>Save As..." on the menu.

    • 7). Go to the Control Panel and click on the "Mouse" button. Go to the "Pointers" tab.

    • 8). Highlight the cursor animation that you would like to replace and click browse. Navigate to the directory where you saved your cursor and select it.

    • 9). Repeat this process to change as many of the Vista cursor animations as you'd like.


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