Home Selling Secrets - Give A Small Price Break Selling, And Get A Bigger Price Break Buying A Home

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Are you in a position where you have to sell your current home to buy a bigger newer home? Here are 3 tips to help you.
  1. On One Side AS A Seller You must take into consideration the buyer position wanting a bargain when it comes to price and terms due to the down market, As a seller, be prepared your wants a Deal.
    So give your buyer let's say 10% discount in the price of the home you are selling, so you can sell and move on.
  2. On The Other Side, As A Buyer.
    You can bargain with the seller too.
    You want a "Deal".
    Check the Motivation Score of your seller.
    If it's high enough you can get the same discount you are offering your buyer, if you get the same 10% discount, When translated into dollars, it means more savings.
  3. 10% Is Less In Dollars When You Are On The Seller Side.
    As a seller, for a home let's say priced at $200,000.
    If you reduce your price by 10% that = $20,000As a Buyer, for a home Let's say priced at $300,000 your 10% discount = $30,000 You are up $10,000 and your home is sold now.
    You can use these monies towards closing costs, "buydowns" or upgrades, it's your gain use it as you wish.
    Can you see how this technique can move you from a For Sale to a SOLD position?Why wait? Get your home sold today rather than waiting.
    The longer your home is on the market the less favorable it is to a buyer
Sellers, after you are clear on what you want, consider the suggestions discussed and get things moving, rather than sit and sit and sit on your listing.
Discover and use those techniques to position yourself for faster and more profitable home sale.

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