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Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world and is located in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
It extends over 3,470 square miles and has natural phenomena like geysers and hot springs and contains the habitats of such wildlife as grizzly bears, wolves and herds of bison and elk.
The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is one of the biggest temperate zone ecosystems still in pristine condition, makes up a large part of the park.
The park gets its name from the yellow rocks in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone which is a deep ravine in the Yellowstone Plateau made by floods that occurred during the ice ages, as well as by constant soil erosion by the Yellowstone River.
While Native Americans had long inhabited the Yellowstone region, the first non-native American to set foot in the area was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition named John Colter who said that the area was like "fire and brimstone".
This description was attributed by many people to his delirium following wounds he received in battle with tribes.
But it was geologist F.
Hayden who was instrumental in the setting up of the park.
It was because if his explorations in the region in 1871 as well as a comprehensive report that was supplemented by the large-format photographs taken by William Henry Jackson and illustrations by Thomas Moran that convinced the then President, Ulysses S.
Grant to sign a bill that proclaimed the area Yellowstone National Park.
Yellowstone is at present the most popular national park in the country.
Its varied natural wonders make it a popular holiday destination for nature lovers and those with an adventurous turn of mind.
It plays host to a wide range of activities like kayaking, fishing, hiking and whitewater rafting.
Yellowstone National Park is surrounded by Grand Teton National Park and Custer National Forest that are also protected lands.
The Beartooth highway, a drive of exceptional beauty, is also located near the park.
For more information on Yellowstone National Park please see the following links: The National Park Service's page on Yellowstone: http://www.

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