Does Anyone Even Think About Failure When Joining a Network Marketing Company?

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We all want to be successful no matter what we do.
It may be something in our personal life or, for those of us in business, it may be something to do with our business.
Regardless, success is what we strive for.
But we all know that success is not always achieved.
I think it would be safe to say that people define success in business as the amount of money you make.
Now some people may only need an extra couple of hundred dollars per month to be successful.
Others may need to make five thousand or even more per month to consider themselves successful.
We all define success in different ways.
And we all want success.
I'm sure no one starts a home based business and thinks about failing.
We think about success.
If we focused on failing then that's where we would end up.
We focus on being successful.
If this is the case then why do so many people fail in the network marketing industry? Are they thinking about failing rather then succeeding? What happens to all of those people that fail at MLM? They don't get into business with the thought of failure as their focus but something happens along the way that leads to failure.
Most people don't realize that network marketing is a home based business that requires a lot of work.
Some in the industry tell prospects that at least ten hours per week is necessary if you want to build a successful business.
And that is probably a fair statement, but the time frame too build a successful business on only ten hours per week is going to be somewhat longer than if you spent twenty or even forty hours per week on building a business.
Time is so important in building a successful business yet it is probably given the least attention.
One can think about being successful but they also have to realize that it will take time.
This is where people begin going down the road to failure rather than success.
Doubts start to set in when they do not make money as quickly as was thought.
All of a sudden ten hours per week is not bringing success.
But this is when one should begin to realize that it will just take longer to achieve success.
By being consistent at working ten hours per week on building a network marketing business you will eventually be successful.
The only problem is that it will take you longer.
People don't get into business thinking about failure, but they do go into business expecting success too soon.
When it doesn't happen they give up, failing at their venture into network marketing.

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