Find the Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor to Use at Home or on the Road

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Trying to select the best wrist blood pressure monitor to buy for home use can be a frustrating task for a lot of people.
With all the available brands out there, how do choose the right one for yourself or for a loved one? One of the things you can do to narrow down your search is to read up on which ones are highly rated or recommended by trusted sources such as Consumer Reports, the American Heart Association (AHA) and the British Hypertension Society.
In addition to giving advice on which self-monitors to consider buying, these and other similar authority Web sites also give instructions on how to use a wrist monitor properly in order to ensure an accurate reading.
Using a blood pressure measurement device involves more than just slapping the cuff on your wrist and then squeezing the attached rubber ball (or pressing a button, if you have the automatic type of product) to inflate the cuff.
You also have to make sure that the cuff is inflated to the right level and that your arm and wrist are at heart level.
Fortunately, most of today's automatic blood pressure monitors self-inflate to the appropriate tightness and warn you if you aren't using the device properly.
In addition to learning about what medical experts say about health devices, another way that can assist you make a choice about which wrist self-monitor to buy is to read reviews and ratings of them by users who have actually bought and used the product.
There are several sites that feature hundreds or even thousands of such consumer reviews.
A lot of them will tell you why they prefer the wrist-type monitor over the biceps and finger blood pressure monitors.
They also explain what they feel are the product's good and bad sides.

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