How to Get the Background Seasons for Photography

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    How to Make Seasonal Photography Backdrops

    • 1). Choose paints that match the season you are going for. For example, use lush greens and pastels for spring; brighter greens and yellows for summer; oranges, reds and browns for autumn; and blues and whites for winter.

    • 2). Lay out the blank muslin you want to use, taking care not to wrinkle it. Cut to the size you want for your backdrop.

    • 3). Look at a picture of the season you want to paint. Dip your brush in the paint, and begin mimicking the design of the scene. If you use a larger brush and dab on the paint instead of using brushstrokes, it will give you the effect of scenery off in the distance.

    • 4). Allow your muslin to dry fully. Once it has dried, hang it up in your studio. Use fake plants and other objects to add realism to your scene. Use items like flowers for spring, shrubbery for summer, leaves for autumn and fake snow for winter.

    • 5). Pay close attention to your lighting to make sure it fits the tone of the season. Use color gels to light your backdrop in order to portray different moods and times of day.


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