What You Can Do Today to Boost Your Home"s Appeal

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Fort Worth real estate is showing plenty of promising signs of recovery from the effects of the national housing and credit crisis, but the woes of the industry are far from over.
In fact, as more and more foreclosures hit the market, prices will follow suit and your ability to sell your home in the Fort Worth real estate market will sharply decrease.
However, it pays to note that, in the end, if you can make your home stand out from the crowd, your chances of selling it will be greater.
So, how can you make your home shine so that buyers in the Fort Worth real estate market will remember your home amongst so many others? Aside from major renovations, which may prove to be costly and may not show a positive return on your dollar in the Fort Worth real estate market, there are a number of things you can do today that will increase your home's appeal and not cost you a fortune in the process: • Refinish floors - If you are lucky enough to boast hardwood floors in your home, make the most of them by refinishing them and showing them off! Although hardwood floors are a big selling point for buyers, the truth is that most buyers will pass on a home that has hardwood floors in need of a little TLC.
Taking the time to refinish your hardwood floors will most certainly get buyers talking and will make your home stand out from others in your neighborhood and price range.
• Refinish doors - When speaking of the "bones" of a home, many buyers think of things like floors, trim and doors, which is why you need to take the time to make sure your interior doors are just as lovely as those hardwood floors you just finished.
Beautiful interior doors do make a positive difference in a home, so consider refinishing, painting or replacing your home's interior doors.
• Replace hardware - The hardware found throughout your home an instantly date your home or it can instantly spruce up your home.
Consider changing out the hardware for your entry door, your interior doors, your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinetry with newer, sleeker designs.
A simple change in hardware for your kitchen cabinets, for example, may give your kitchen an instant facelift - without the price of a remodel.
• Power wash - Your outdoor spaces should not be neglected when sprucing up your home for sale.
Consider renting a power washer and cleaning off outdoor furniture, patios, porches and decks.
Power washing removes dirt, mildew, mold and grime and gives your outdoor spaces the attention they need.
• Landscape - Your home's first impression is often the most important, so don't neglect your home's lawn and landscape.
You should make sure all landscaped beds are weeded and mulched; that the lawn is cut and free of weeds and debris; that the shrubbery and plants are neatly trimmed; and that any low-hanging tree branches that are blocking the entrance to your home are removed.
Stand by the curb and take your lawn and landscape in and give it the TLC that it needs to lure in your next potential buyer!

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