Insider Secrets of Cheap Auto Insurance

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What, would you say, marks the difference between someone who gets a great deal on their auto insurance and someone who's paying too much for their coverage? Is the person who's paying more really more of a risk? Or was it just that they didn't know how to argue down their rates to get a price they could afford? Since there are tons of ways you can save money on auto insurance, and no insurance agent in the world is going to remember to ask you about all of them, it's up to you to take the necessary steps to knock down your premiums.
You've got to haggle with your insurance agent to make sure you're getting your auto insurance discounts.
Are you: a) A teacher or engineer? b) Driving a new car? c) The proud owner of a GPS locator system? d) Sick and tired of hearing your car alarm go off every time someone bumps into your bumper? e) Happily living in a rural area, or a town with a population of 3,000 or less? f) Very fond of your new garage? g) A telecommuter? h) Well past your 25th birthday? All of these things can help you save on your insurance.
Teachers and engineers are statistically less likely to get in accidents, so they're less likely to file auto insurance claims.
New cars are easier to repair and usually in better shape going into an accident, and a GPS locator can make it easy to find your car after it's been stolen.
Studies show that many would-be car thieves will bump up against a car to see if it has a car alarm before they decide to burglarize it.
If there's an alarm, they just look embarrassed and walk away.
People set off alarms by accident all the time! If there's no alarm, however, they could be walking away with your stereo and no one will ever be the wiser.
It's a sad but true fact that crime rates are lower in small towns, and that cars on the streets are much more appealing targets than cars in a garage.
Auto insurance companies know that, and they're willing to adjust your insurance rates accordingly.
Telecommuters spend less time on the road during peak business hours and are less likely to get in an accident, and drivers over the age of 25 are almost 60% less likely to get in an accident than their younger counterparts.
Don't get offended guys, it's an experience thing.
All of these things can save you money, but not all of them will be included in an ordinary purchase interview.
It's up to you to make sure you've got the cards stacked in your favor, and to do that you're going to have to make sure whoever you talk to doesn't leave anything out when they're checking out your discount eligibility.
Your agent isn't in that big of a hurry, we swear.

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