The Power Of Letting Go

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When the tightly packed petals of the rosebud let go, the rose blossoms.
I have found that confusion often clouds the subject of letting go.
Many dedicated seekers of spiritual truth seem to stumble on this point.
We all let go naturally to a certain extent.
We let go and allow life force to flow.
We release our hold and let the divine forces act in our lives.
Good always comes from this.
We all resist it, too.
We try to control everything.
We attempt to orchestrate the divine unfolding from our own personal point of view.
Like a fish trying to control the tide, we stress and strain in an attempt to use our muscles to keep life on track.
We seem to think it is our job to keep the planets spinning.
We try to control the motives of other people.
We try to run life the way we think it should be run.
Frustration and fatigue usually come from this.
"Don't Let Go!" In order to disperse some of the confusion about letting go, let's see what's at the bottom of it.
Let's look first at why it is so appealing to cling to our efforts to control everything.
Everyone knows that if you are holding something precious and you let go, it will drop and possibly break.
Gravity has us well trained.
You will often hear the cry, "Don't let go!" It is the motto of the physical world and it is a valuable dictum in its realm.
If you are carrying a beautiful, handmade ceramic bowl that a dear friend crafted just for you and you "let go," gravity will step in before you can achieve enlightenment and carry you into sadness as you suffer the loss of your bowl.
On the mental level we feel we must hold everything carefully in our minds or chaos will ensue.
The grocery list, the meetings, the work to be done, the babysitter's phone number.
The list is endless and we hold on tenaciously with the muscles of our minds.
In the mental realm, we fear chaos will get us if we don't keep our minds tightly packed.
The Dilemma So we can see why we don't think it's a very good idea to let go.
It seems like it will give us broken bowls, missed appointments and a generally chaotic life if we let go.
And yet, we have all heard the very popular phrase "Let go and let God.
" Similarly, Abraham talks convincingly about the Art of Allowing.
In another idiom, Buddhist teachings expose the problem of grasping.
We again see the same principle in the teachings of the Science of Mind in the essential stage of prayer marked by release.
In fact, it seems most spiritual teachings not only mention, but emphasize the importance of letting go.
Is it that they want us to break all our bowls? No.
It is something mystical and profound that they are teaching us.
But as long as we keep testing the teachings by dropping bowls and convincing ourselves to "hold on tight," we will never learn the lesson.
Faith in Something Greater The letting go lesson has nothing to do with bowls and phone numbers.
It defies gravity and entropy.
The message encoded in the words "let go" is one of trust.
When we let go, we have faith that the planets will continue to spin in their orbits without our help.
When we let go we honor the great and infinite layers of organization that hold the universe together.
By joyously letting go, we find that gravity has an invisible partner.
And as reliable as gravity is when it comes to bringing things to the earth, its partner is as reliable in bringing good outcomes.
It is a force, greater than us, acting whether we are aware of it or not.
It acts when we hold on and when we let go.
It acts when we are alert and when we are asleep.
This force is always moving things in the direction of the greatest good.
It is moving "heaven and earth" for the fulfillment of your heart's desire.
It is answering your prayers without ceasing.
It is, like gravity, tireless in its enthusiastic embrace of its role in the scheme of things.
When we let go of the bowl, gravity gets hold of it and takes it to the ground.
When we let go of our dreams and desires, this other tremendous force comes in like a wind.
It carries our dreams to fulfillment.
It guides our hands, moves our thoughts, leads us to greater and greater fulfillment.
Letting go does not mean giving up.
The lesson is not one of learning to live a meager life, satisfied with crumbs.
Letting go means, rather than trying to blow in your sails, let the wind carry you and see how far you go.
It means rather than trying to manipulate others, enjoy them just as they are and be amazed at how their beauty shines through.
It means rather than trying to control all outcomes, make it your work to open the pathways for the energy to flow and see how magnificently your dreams take form.
© 2004 Rebbie Straubing

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