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On the Time Magazine cover, a teenage girl, leaning against a high school locker, highlights a special report, "Dropout Nation.
" Her sullen face stares straight ahead.
The article states, "30% of America's high school students will leave without graduating.
" Common sense tells us that dropouts usually end up with low paying jobs, less respect, and a more difficult life.
Will this happen with your kids? Let's find out 1 method and 3 questions to help your kids become responsible and stay in school.
As a parent, you are your children's most important guide.
How you handle your children's misbehaviors will greatly affect their future.
Here are 3 popular methods: 1.
Punishment 2.
Natural Consequences 3.
Logical Consequences Punishment, like spanking, slapping, and hitting, uses your authority to hurt your children in some way.
The hope is that your children won't repeat the behavior.
This is a great way to raise angry anxious kids.
Natural Consequences can occur without your input.
If your child touches a hot burner, he or she won't touch it again.
Imagine the natural consequence when your child jumps into a deep lake without knowing how to swim.
Logical Consequences need a direct relationship to your child's misbehavior.
That means you need to think before you speak.
Here are 3 thinking questions to ask yourself when your child misbehaves: 1.
What action will I require my child to do that relates directly to this misbehavior? 2.
What will my child learn from this consequence? 3.
How can I be kind and firm in this situation? I remember when my kids were young and spilled milk or accidentally broke something.
They had to clean up the milk or glue the broken object.
My goal was to make them responsible for their behaviors, which relates directly to the subject of dropouts.
Time Magazine quoted one dropout, "It would have been nice to have someone pushing me to stay (in school).
" Who knows how things would have turned out?" Raise your kids without regrets.
Raise them to be responsible by asking yourself the above 3 questions and then follow through with appropriate action.
If you do, your kids won't choose irresponsible behaviors.
They won't blind themselves to the consequences of their actions.
They won't become one of the 30% dropouts who end up with low paying jobs, less respect, and a difficult life.
Use logical consequences.
You'll be glad you did.
You'll be building character too.

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