Florida Laws on Car Windshields

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    • Florida statute 316.2952 states that windshields of cars traveling on a public highway, road or street shall not have a sign, sunscreen material or other covering on them. The statute does allow for sunscreening material or a sunstrip to be located at the top of the windshield so long as it is transparent and does not interfere with a driver's view. Certificates and other papers required by law are allowed to be placed on a windshield. Electronic toll devices may also be placed on a windshield .


    • Every motor vehicle in Florida must be equipped with windshield wipers. The wipers are to assist in cleaning the windshield of rain, snow, moisture or debris. Windshield wipers must be controlled and operated by the driver of the motor vehicle and shall remain in good working condition.

    Exempt Vehicles

    • Grove equipment, grove chemical supply tanks, fruit-loading equipment, fertilizer distributors and electric-powered vehicles with three to six horsepower are exempt from standard windshield requirements in Florida. Electric-powered vehicles must have an approved windscreen to give protection from bugs and weather when they are used on public roads and highways. Former military vehicles are also exempt from windshield requirements if it is determined by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to be necessary to maintain the vehicle's accurate military design and markings. When the vehicle is operating on public roads and highways, the operator and passengers must wear approved eye-protective devices.

    Windshield Replacement

    • Florida statute 627.7288 states that any individual with comprehensive insurance coverage may have the damaged windshield of his covered motor vehicle replaced at no cost. There is no deductible applied in cases of damaged windshields.


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