Scorn - Ever Laugh at an Ugly Face?

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Have you ever been made fun of because of your looks, religion or the place you live? We all have been the object of ridicule.
So what's the big gripe? Nastiness and ridicule that has taken over our attitudes and outlooks.
We think nothing of making fun of any creature.
It's been bothering me.
Not the laughter at my expense but the way things have changed in this dang society.
I mean the TV shows are all lousy.
At least the ones that are supposed to be funny.
• Scoffers love the constant laughing at the expense of others.
• We seem to delight in the embarrassment of to others.
• Going to great lengths to make others look or at funny when they don't.
• We slither into situations of great accomplishments of others.
• Mocking the sincere ideas and words of others.
• Laughing at those who want to change something for the better.
Thus can be a big or small idea but it is an effort to give more to the world that is being mocked.
• It is the anger towards others who want a decent life for all and are willing to talk and act upon change.
• Ridicule is helping a teacher and being called a "teacher's pet', among other names, But you were raised to be a helper.
• Yes even 'teasing" can go too far...
It is a way of trying to make you more important at the expense of others.
• Being judgmental is a prime way of putting others down to make you looks better.
Thy only problem with being judgmental is you only become known as a person who judges everyone.
This is not a title you want...
or is it? Deriders are not intelligent...
they know little and are too lazy to go get more knowledge about what they are making fun of.
If they had any brains they would keep their mouths shut.
A sense of humor is vital to your health but making another to look like a fool hurts your health.
It's another part of the La of Reciprocity.
We can see humor in almost everything in life.
But it is important to save face.
What this means is sometimes it's better to say nothing at all.
If anything you don't correct people in front of other people.
Ever laugh at an ugly face? I have.
If fact there is a lot of not so good looking faces on this planet.
But when you look at any face you see their life in that face.
You beyond the "pretty " definition of beauty an see a human being who has laughed, cried seen the good and bad, struggled to survive and thrive.
So where else can you see the beauty of any person but in their face? This article inspired by a sermon by Dr.
Jack Schaap, First Baptist Church, 507 State Street, Hammond Indiana 46320

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