How to Connect Trailer Lights and Wires

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    • 1). Strip the end of the ground wire using wire strippers and connect it to the blade connector. The ground wire is typically the white wire. The blade connector works by placing the wire in the end and compressing it with the pliers. If there is no ground wire present at the light fixture, it is already grounded using the bolt(s) which mount the light to the trailer frame; you can skip to step four.

    • 2). Sand the trailer frame to remove the paint from where you wish to connect the light's ground wire. It is important that the ground have a direct connection with bare metal to work properly.

    • 3). Connect the blade connector to the trailer frame using a metal self tapping screw. Using the drill, slowly turn the screw into the metal until it has established a small starting hole, then increase speed until the screw begins to work its way into the frame.

    • 4). Connect the trailer light to the wiring harness's power source using the butt connectors. Strip both of the wires using the wire strippers. The butt connector works by placing one wire in each end and compressing with the pliers. Tug gently on the connection to assure a tight fit.

    • 5). Wrap the connection in electrical tape to protect it against the elements and use the cable ties to secure the wire to the trailer.


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