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The secret behind effective SEO services using link-baiting articles rests on ideas and creativity.
The more creative you are, the better SEO services you will be able to provide through link baiting articles.
One blogger who was making a lot of money from Adsense, briefly consulted with the people at Google AdSense and then wrote a simple post about his current and projected AdSense earnings.
The post was well thought out and designed to work magic as the perfect single-handed SEO service provider for this blogger.
In the article he estimated that based on his current steadily increasing earnings, he was on track to making a million dollars a year from Adsense.
This simple little post has to rank amongst the most effective SEO services you can think of.
Within a few hours dozens of other sites were talking about the article.
They were naturally also linking to it like crazy.
Within a few days this smart blogger had hundreds of quality, relevant links pointed at his controversial article.
What would ordinarily have taken a webmaster many months and mountains of begging emails, took this blogger a single 300 word article to achieve.
As you read this, this little SEO gem is still rendering services to this blog site owner and links are still steadily increasing by the day, many months after the post was first created.
Not every article idea will achieve this kind of result, but imagine a situation where just one link baiting article idea is being executed every week.
Most of the articles will generate a few links at the most, but sooner or later the site owner or his content provider will stumble on a home-run-link-baiting-idea that will generate hundreds of links regularly for the next few years.
You can't beat that for being one of the best, cost-effective SEO services anywhere.

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