Definition of Marketing and How to Start

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Marketing is a series of action steps taken to grow customer interest in a product or service to the point of where they have to have it.
Action Step 1: Find the School of Hungry Fish Find the school of hungry fish, known as the target market.
Market research is the process of finding the target market.
It is used to identify and know how to satisfy the customer.
In other words, market research will spot your customer and their needs to earn their trust and loyalty.
Quick free tools to find a school of hungry fish are Internet search engines.
Internet search engines have a huge amount of information on problems people want solved.
Google and Yahoo keep a database of keywords people type to find information on the Internet.
Google gives access to their database of keywords and statistical information through Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
The tool provides the demand and supply of a specific keyword.
For example if a marketer wanted to know the demand for "definition of marketing".
They will go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool and type in the keyword "definition of marketing".
The user instantly sees the global and local demand for this keyword.
At the writing of this article there are 49,500 Global monthly searches for the keyword definition of marketing.
Action Step 2: Bait the School of Hungry Fish Fisherman use worms or shinny metal to attract a school of fish.
Knowing the type of bait the fish like is part of the challenge.
The other part is to persuade the fish the bait will solve their problem, hunger.
The science of knowing what, how, where, and how often to say it is called copywriting.
Copywriters write sales letters that appeal to the seven basic human needs.
Why? Because these are the emotions people base their decision.
Seven Basic Human Needs: 1) Sex 2) Money 3) Self-Esteem 4) Health 5) God 6) Relationships 7) Beauty There is a lot of information on how to write copy that attracts your customer's interest and trust.
A good book to start with is "The Copywriter's Handbook" by Robert W.
Action Step 3: Feed the Hungry Fish; Build a Lifetime Relationship Expert marketers keep customers for a lifetime by solving more than one of their problems.
For example, Dave of ABC Marketing is contracted by John to market a new computer widget.
After nine months Dave has successfully marketed John's widgets.
John is now profiting high six figures.
When Dave and John started working together John did not have any money to invest.
John wants to invest his profit now that he is making high six figures.
Dave through his relationship marketing realizes this problem and refers him to an investment company.
John is happy again because his new investment problem is solved because of Dave's referral.
John is now a lifetime customer of ABC Marketing.
The referral cost is nothing, but the gain is infinite.
In summary, the series of action steps to market your product or service are; (1) Find the School of Hungry Fish, (2) Bait the School of Hungry Fish and (3) Feed the Hungry Fish.

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