How to Troubleshoot Linksys On a Mac

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    • 1). Power-cycle the Internet connection, such as the cable or DSL modem.

    • 2). Power-cycle the Linksys router.

    • 3). Wait five minutes, then open the "Terminal" application under "Utilities."

    • 4). Type "ping -c 5" and press "Enter." If you see "5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received," the problem has been solved. If you see "Request timeout," continue to the next step.

    • 5). Open "System Preferences" on the Mac by clicking the icon on the Dock, or by choosing it from the "Apple" menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.

    • 6). Click "Network" under the "Internet & Wireless" category.

    • 7). Click "Ethernet" if your computer connects to the router with an Ethernet cable or "Airport" if you're using a wireless connection.

    • 8). Check the status of the connection. It should display "Connected" and display the connection's IP address. Normally, it is 192.168.1.x, where x is a number between 1 and 254. If it does not display "Connected," be sure the cable is properly connected, or the wireless signal is set to connect to the proper SSID and is using the correct password.

    • 9). Open a Web browser. Type in the address "" and press "Enter."

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      Leave the username blank and enter "admin" for the password; if the login credentials for the router have been changed, enter those to log into the router.

    • 11

      Click "Status." If you can reach this point, it means your network is operating properly.

    • 12

      View the information under "Internet Connection." If the IP address is all zeroes, this means the DSL or cable modem is not sending an IP address to the router and the problem must be resolved with your ISP.


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