How to Decorate With Fruit Using a Cookie Shape Cutter

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    • 1). Choose a design. A design idea allows for the fruit to be used as a palate of colors and shapes. For example, if a spring scene is desired, cantaloupe can be cut with flower-shaped cutters and pineapple can be cut with a round cookie cutter to create the center of the flower.

    • 2). Peel the fruit. Peeling the fruit allows the cookie cutter to be placed against the very edge of the fruit so that it all can be used. For small fruits, such as apples and pears, a paring knife will do the job perfectly. For larger fruits with tougher skin, such as pineapples and cantaloupes, a serrated chef's knife will cut through the skin easily.

    • 3). Cut the fruit into slices. The key is to create slices that are as large as possible. For example, when cutting a cantaloupe, try to create as many whole slices as possible. Solid round shapes will provide more area for cutting out shapes.

    • 4). Line up the cookie cutters before cutting. Just as in cutting cookie dough, the cookie cutters should be lined up so that the most cuts can be made. This allows more fruit to be made into shapes and less fruit to be leftover as waste. Once lined up, press firmly to ensure the cutters go all the way through.

    • 5). Use different shapes to create the design. If a design was chosen that requires joining two pieces to create one, use toothpicks to attach them. For example, to create flowers with more than one layer, layer the pieces together and then use a toothpick to hold them in place. Lollipop sticks can be placed through the pieces of fruit when creating a taller design.


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