Dental Discount Card - Pros and Cons

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In a nutshell, insurance adjusters and examiners decide how much to pay on insurance claims.
That is oversimplified, but you get the general idea.
An adjuster might make determinations about claims arising from car accidents, burglaries and house fires, to name just a few examples.
Adjusters need to be able to investigate, gather evidence, discern costs and bills, generate reports and interview and record information from witnesses, police and claimants.
If you are good with people and aren't hesitant about asking questions this could be the job for you.
To get back to the nutshell: after all the work is done, it comes down to how much money will be paid on a claim.
Some basic skills that an adjuster would need are listed below.
To be successful, you can begin to prepare now or you might already have attained these skills through school, life or work experience.
It is very helpful to have worked in the insurance field as well.
  • Word processing
  • Business classes or work experience
  • Computer applications and programs
  • English and language arts
  • Technical writing
  • Mathematics, including algebra, geometry and business math
  • Consumer and business law
Generally, employers are looking for candidates that have a bachelor's degree, but if you have years of experience in the insurance field and working with claims and can prove you can do the work, you might be able to convince them you are right for the job.
Even with body repair and auto mechanics experience you can get an entry-level position in handling auto claims.
Some states do require adjusters and examiners to be licensed.
Check for adjuster regulations in your state to find out more.
An adjuster's job can be an exciting one, as no two claims are alike and you meet many people in your work.
Some expert witnesses you might work with are accountants, contractors, police, lawyers, and doctors.

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