Unlived Happiness

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Four years had come and gone away.
The island had become his home.
It felt as though there was no such trace of him ever living a high profile life in the state of New York.
He had it all: money, fame, a loving wife and a self-made company.
It was something many people would call a perfect life.
But what those people did not know was that taking things for granted often led to being deprived of your most prized possessions.
His name was Jason Greenfield.
He owned the most successful business of hotels in the state.
It was something that took over a decade to build and now it had turned into a multi billion dollar corporation.
He owned the best of the best.
Everything was top of the line; may it be cars or just a simple coffee maker.
It was the life beyond anyone's possible imagination.
Jason's two year wedding anniversary was coming up and he wanted to get something special for his wife.
After hours of going through each and every jewelry store in the city he still was not satisfied.
He was trying to find the perfect gift.
Then all of a sudden out of nowhere the idea struck him.
He was going to buy his lovely wife a cruise ship and take her out on a romantic cruise in the Caribbean Islands.
The day for the cruise at last had arrived.
The happy couple embarked the ship; all set for the perfect forthcoming two weeks.
The ship finally left the harbor on its instructed journey to the Caribbean's.
But what the ship did not know was that it was not going to reach its intended destination; instead, it was heading towards fatal destruction.
The couple was enjoying a nice warm evening on the deck watching the sun set when they felt a slight jolt under their feet.
At first, the jolt was not paid much attention to but it was not after their feet gave way that they realized something was not right.
Jason rushed to the captain's booth and found him in deep prayer.
When asked what was wrong, the captain said it was only God who could save them now.
Jason soon found out that the ship had collided with an underwater volcano and was slowly sinking.
The life boats were being lowered into the raging sea but as soon as they were lowered they disappeared into the strong whirlpool of current.
Jason had no idea what to do as he had never imagined something like this ever happening; at least not to him.
He was left in a state of shock.
He started reminiscing about his life.
His whole life started playing like a movie in front of his eyes.
The ship finally gave way and was sinking faster than ever.
And the next thing Jason knew he was waking up on an island.
At first, Jason thought he was dreaming a bad dream.
Then slowly and steadily everything started rushing back to him.
He remembered the ship sinking and then all of a sudden everything went blank.
He could not recall what ever happened to his wife.
Where ever she was he prayed she was alright even though he had the worst possible feeling that she did not make it.
Jason started to roam about the island and found it to be completely deserted.
Jason had completely lost all feelings.
It was like he was a free lancer.
He started looking for food and found out it was going to be harder than it looked.
Months seemed to pass and Jason seemed to be getting better at catching and cooking fish; a thing he never imagined in his wildest dreams he would be doing as he always had cooks to do the job for him.
He found a cave where he started living and soon he began to call it 'home'.
So many years had passed that he had lost all track of time completely.
From the first day he found himself on the island to present day, he always prayed for a second chance; a chance to change himself and become a better person.
This made him realize how much he took his life for granted.
He then made a vow to himself that if he ever did get out of there, he would change himself entirely and all for the better.
Help, unfortunately, never did arrive.
Jason had grown used to complete solitude and completely forgot that he ever lived a lavish life in the city.
Happiness never seemed to return.
But all the things that Jason had accomplished there on the desert he knew he would have never would have been able to accomplish back in the city.
And by knowing this he died a painless death along the shore of the ocean with an actual smile on his face.

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