Is My Business Missing Out by Not Having a Landing Page?

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For people who are selling products and services online, you would probably think that it would already be enough to sell them through your blogs hoping that through your own marketing efforts, people who are interested on these products would come to your page to buy what they want and need.
What more could you ask for if you are getting sales from your page? If you think you are not missing out anything because of the sales or commission you are already enjoying, think of how much more you would be making if you have an effective landing page or squeeze page for your business.
If you are not familiar with a squeeze page or a landing page, either of these terms refer to a particular page where prospective customers would be willing to leave their contact details such as their names, e-mail addresses and other pertinent details in exchange for something that they also want to get from you.
At your landing page, you could offer them any special information that you have put together in the form of videos, newsletter or e-book that they won't find anywhere else which could be enough reason for them to look forward to these information that they would be willing to give up their names and e-mail addresses to be part of your mailing list.
Nowadays, it is important to have a list of your prospective customers.
If these people voluntarily sign up through your landing page to provide their contact details and other information, you are well assured that somehow they already have some interest on a particular niche that you are on.
On that note, if you have an effective landing page or squeeze page for your business, you will then have that chance to build a list of people who are genuinely interested on your niche so much so that they are willing to give away their valuable information which you can eventually use for your internet marketing efforts or campaigns.
Indeed, your business could miss out on by not having a landing page.
The best part of building a list through an effective landing page is the fact that you do not only have the chance to sell your products and services at one time, you can have that chance of a repeat purchase in the future when you are constantly in touch with them.

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