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Having a dazzling smile is the perquisite of a charming personality. A great smile can take you a long way in today's world where packaging is the most important thing. A smile is incomplete unless you have white teeth to boast of. It is because of this madness and hype of a million dollar smile' that cosmetic dental surgery is booming. More and more people are opting for professional teeth whitening procedures and teeth whitening kits. There are quite a number of ways to whiten your teeth. Each one of them is best in its own way and it actually depends on your needs. Let us discuss some of these ways in brief.

Professional teeth whitening which is also know as laser teeth whitening uses peroxide bleaching compounds. The two main types of dental whitening systems are professional teeth whitening system which is performed by a dentist in his chamber and at-home teeth whitening where the treatment or bleaching is performed by the person on his\her own. Though both of these two teeth bleaching procedures can produce same results but they have different approaches and distinct advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon your needs and choice to determine which is the best dental whitening system for you.

Basically the difference between the two systems is that, professional whitening system utilizes a high concentration of peroxide for a smaller period of time while in-house treatment uses a low concentration of whitener for a greater period of time. In fact at-home teeth bleaching treatment requires the user to undergo the whitening treatments every day, for more than a series of weeks. On the contrary a dentist can complete you whitening procedure in much shorter time and sometimes even in one sitting.

For patients undergoing at home teeth whitening treatment, it is very important that they understand the instructions well. They should have both time and patience to perform the teeth whitening treatments as it may even take months before desired results are obtained. The advantage is that at-home teeth whitening treatment products are usually much less expensive then professional teeth bleaching methods.

On the other hand, in case of professional teeth whitening treatment, the whitening effect is visible almost immediately. The whitening procedure is accomplished in a few sittings and might take just one day. The only drawback is that professional whitening generally costs much more than at-home teeth whitening treatment.

Now based on this information you have to choose the best dental whitening system for you. The method that suits your pocket and fits in your lifestyle. If you have a low budget but lots of time then you can opt for at home teeth whitening treatment, but make sure that you don't mess up things. If you have a big event soon coming up, and you want to transform into a gorgeous diva from a plain Jane, then professional treatment by an experienced dentist is the best solution.

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