Your Optional Vehicle Insurance Cover

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When you take out your motor insurance policy, you will be given a choice of optional extras that you can include in your policy.
These are ranges of cover that are not included in your original policy, which you will have to pay extra for.
In this article we will discuss some of the extras you can add onto your policy.
The first optional extra you can take out is roadside or emergency assistance.
This cover can also include medical assistance.
This type of cover will help you if you find that your vehicle has broken down on the side of the road.
Your insurance company will usually have roadside assistance vehicles which will either tow your vehicle or refer you to a repairman.
The medical assistance is more detailed, and you would need to go over the details with your insurance company and your medical insurance company to find out how far your coverage reaches.
Another aspect to this added emergency assistance is if you need to replace a tire or recharge your car battery.
A flat tire and battery are the leading causes of leaving you immobile.
Another great optional extra that you can take out is the hiring of a courtesy car.
This means that when you are without a vehicle whilst your damaged vehicle is being repaired or replaced, your insurance company will pay for you to use a hired vehicle so that you are not without transport.
This can go a long way in making your life easier as it can be very inconvenient to have no car whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
Furthermore, it is important to bear in mind that the repairs to a motor vehicle can take quite a few days.
Some insurance companies will offer the optional cover of accommodation should your vehicle have broken down whilst you are very far away from home.
It is good to take out this type of insurance if you travel a lot and know that you could possibly get stranded somewhere that is too far away for anyone to fetch you.
You can also take out further insurance on goods that have been stolen out of your motor vehicle, such as clothing, sunglasses, mobile phones or computer equipment.
If you find that you often leave items of value in your motor vehicle, then you should consider this cover.
You would not want valuable items being stolen out of your vehicle without coverage.
If you have installed extra sound equipment into your motor car, then it is advisable that you insure these items.
Sound equipment in a vehicle can cost a lot of money, and you do not want to be left out of pocket should it be stolen from your vehicle.
Some thieves will target motor vehicles solely to take added extras such as sound equipment.
It is important to consider these added extras on your insurance policy.
Although you may be paying a bit extra, you will be ensuring the protection of your motor vehicle should anything untoward happen.
You also need to decide what the likelihood of you needing this added coverage is.

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