Praise Not Criticism In Your Internet Marketing Promotion

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In todays article I am going to explore the concepts of praise and criticism. Of the two it is often far easier to criticise than to praise. However, what is to be gained from criticism?

Nothing but resentment and a wounded pride, none of which will get someone to do as you want. More often than not the person criticised just gets defensive or as Dale Carnegie says, they will probably just justify him or herself and condemn you. The net result is nothing gained just a prospect lost forever.

Take for example children. I am a mother of two children aged four and six. I find that I can get them to do as I want far easier by praise than by criticism. Sometimes it can be hard to praise when you are being pushed to your limits, however there is always something that you can find to praise while ignoring the transgressions. You will find that they will quickly forget the bad behaviour as that is not what is getting them attention. They quickly realise that it is their good behaviour that is gaining them the most attention which is ultimately what they crave.

Adults are just like children and long to be praised and not condemned. How can this be put to use with your online business opportunity? Well, if you focus on what someone is doing correctly and praise them for this then they will more than likely concentrate on repeating the behaviour they have been praised for, thus allowing you to steer them towards actions that ultimately will be of advantage to your online business opportunity.

My father used to say never take from any man his song. His view was that everyone has something to say and contribute. You may not agree with everyone but thats what makes us all unique and keeps life interesting. The secret to success is not in criticising anothers opinion but rather trying to understand it. It is in understanding others that we best figure out how to get what we want from them.

Also Dale Carnegie makes a very relevant point that I particularly like if you want to change someone, start with yourself.

None of us are perfect and we can all do with self-improvement. After all if we were perfect what would we have left to strive for?

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