A Brief Guide to Three Valley"s Skiing

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Despite a lot of the talk being related to apr├Ęs ski, the majority of people visit the Three Valleys for the spectacular sporting entertainment to be found skiing the runs just outside the resort of La Tania.
For those who haven't donned their skis on the Three Valleys slopes before, this guide will show you all that you can look forward to when you rent a chalet.
La Tania awaits! Skiing trails link the entirety of the vast Three Valleys system.
Wherever you are, you're only ever two lifts away from either Meribel or Courchevel 1850.
The statistician's figures The figures you can familiarise yourself with before you ski the Three Valleys are numerous: • there are 200 lifts • the lifts can carry 260,000 skiers each hour • the groomed pistes cover 2500 hectares • the pistes are 600 km long • there are 293 marked runs • cross-country tracks run for 130 km • snow cannons count around 1500 • there are 70 piste bashers • ski patrols total 320 • there are around 1500 instructors, ready, willing and able to help You will get to choose from three runs down into the resort.
Through the forest, you can take the rollercoaster blue route.
If you prefer a red run there is a wide consistent gradient all the way down to the gondola.
If you would prefer a green run, it winds its way through the mountain and back to the forest coming out at the top of the Troika beginners run and back to your chalet.
La Tania is never far away from the fabulous skiing opportunities.
You can use online software like Google maps to look at the runs before you ski to give you a good guide to enable you to choose your runs in advance.
How to choose your lift pass If you're over 75 or under 5 you'll receive a free lift pass.
Seniors receive a good discount if they are aged between 65 and 75, but children should be aware that they are classed as adults from the age of 13.
For everyone else, you can easily choose an appropriate lift pass if you know how long you expect to ski in the area while you stay in your chalet.
La Tania allows you to choose from as small as a three-hour pass, but more likely are a one day or a six-day pass.
If you're lucky enough to be spending the whole season in the Three Valleys, you can arrange your lift facilities with one single purchase.
Look, no hands! You can purchase a 'hands-free' pass from a number of places near to your chalet.
La Tania regulars suggest you keep the pass in your side pocket [on your left side] so you can walk straight through the turnstiles and the machine will register and clear you as free to go.
Of course, a number of people try to cheat the system and use season passes that belong to other people.
Be warned that the company is able to identify unusual patterns of riding the lifts.
The advantage, however, is you can be tracked and the information helps during possible rescues.
One advantage of the system for people with a season pass is that you can track the amount of vertical slopes you ski in the season.

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