Contests Ideas for Team Incentive

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    Roll the dice

    • This is a fairly easy and inexpensive idea. Have each team member roll a pair of dice then give them a corresponding quota. You could also select a team member to roll on behalf of the entire team. Decorate the office with fuzzy dice or branded dice to remind the teams of their goals.

    Beat the clock

    • Instilling a time limit to meet predetermined quotas, such as a sales quota, will give employees a sense of urgency for their mission. Timeframes can vary depending on your type of business and your particular business needs. A nice watch is a great prize for this incentive.

    Hit the target

    • Use a dartboard as your quota gauge. Like the dice game, you can have each employee throw a dart at the target to determine their individual goals, or one person can throw a dart to determine a team goal. Velcro darts are highly recommended!


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