Petz Games for Girls

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    • Petz games have been popular since they first appeared in the mid-1990s. There are all kinds of Petz—cats, dogs, bunnies, monkeys, and more—and the games allow kids to raise, train, breed, and otherwise care for any of these critters. Although boys and girls alike enjoy playing with their virtual pets, for the most part Petz games, according to the International Gaming Network, are geared more toward girls than boys.

    Petz Fashion

    • Dress up your virtual “catz and dogz” in this online fashion game for girls. Choose whichever pets you want from the many available, then choose outfits for them to get them all dressed and ready for the big event. When all is ready and your petz are decked out in trendy outfits, enter them in the fashion show and let the world see your cuddly friends. This game uses the mouse for control and can be enjoyed by girls of any age. Click the link in the references section to try it out.

    Petz Saddle Club

    • In this game made for the Playstation Portable, players take on the role of Lilly, a young girl with a lot of responsibilities. Much of the game play involves grooming and training Lilly’s horse, being sure it stays in top condition. When the bank threatens to foreclose on her family’s ranch, Lilly must step up and win a variety of equine competitions, including show jumping and dressage. At the same time, she purchases show equipment for her horses, such as saddles and bridles, and help with the ranch’s breeding program by selecting which horses should be bred together. Any girl who loves horses will enjoy this game.

    Cat Clan

    • Girls can choose and raise kittens in this game made exclusively for the Nintendo DS. As they grow, the cats develop personalities based on the way they are raised. You can choose the breed of your cat from existing breeds or create an entirely new type by mixing the breeds included with the game. Treat your catz kindly and they will develop a relationship with you, responding to your commands. You can also have as many as three catz on the screen at one time, and they will interact with one another as well as with you. Share your catz with friends by using WiFi to connect your DS to a friend’s DS. Girls ages 10 and up who love cats will find hours of fun as they raise their virtual cat clan.


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