Motivational Factors of Campers

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    Cost Effectiveness

    • A camping vacation can be substantially cheaper than a vacation at a resort. While a resort can often cost more than $100 per night, many camp sites allow visitors to stay for under $20 a night. Those looking to go RV camping have higher costs, considering the purchase of an RV is expensive. However, stays at RV camps are often cheaper than staying in a hotel, making this a cost-saver in the long run.

    Being Outdoors

    • Time spent outside in nature can do wonders for relaxation. A day outside in the sun is a great way to unwind, and spending the night sleeping in a quiet setting under the moon and stars provides a peaceful capstone to the day. Many campers enjoy the fresh air and feel that it helps to keep them healthy.


    • Fishing in the daytime is a great way to spend some peaceful hours, and is a way for campers to provide themselves with their own dinner. Camping along a river provides opportunities for swimming, as well as boating or canoeing, while daytime hikes provide a chance to see the area around the camp site.


    • Above all, camping is a social activity for most campers. Family trips allow members of all ages to have fun while bonding as a whole. Groups of friends also enjoy camping together, taking advantage of the opportunity to get away and try new experiences.


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