The ABC"s of DIY Projects For Your Event

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My name is Kandi and I'm a DIY-aholic.
When I see something on TV or magazines, I immediately think to myself, I can do that.
Most times I'm successful with my "experiments," but sometimes things don't go as planned.
Anything that Martha Stewart or B.
Smith publishes immediately earns a place of honor on my book shelf.
Yes, I've got it bad.
Do it yourself projects are fun and feeds that little creative person inside of us all.
Let's face it, that feeling of accomplishment you feel when someone exclaims with genuine surprise, "You did this?!," makes you feel like you've won a gold medal.
Nothing can kill a DIY project faster than time.
Unfortunately, time does not stand still when you're working on your favors, invitations or whatever great little project, Martha has cooked up.
FYI - Martha has staff, assistants, etc.
that help her complete her projects.
More than likely, you have your friends, who between kids, work, and boyfriends might be able to help you.
Once you set your event date, hit the ground running on your DIY projects.
The clock is ticking.
Create a mock up.
This lets you see what works and what doesn't.
Should it be bigger, smaller or a different color.
Get all your supplies together.
If things need to be ordered, do it now.
It is not a good look to find out too late that the paper you ordered is not the color you thought it would be.
"Hire" staff.
Enlist the help of your family and friends, but offer to "pay" them.
Not actual money (though some may prefer this) but offer a home cooked meal, babysitting, etc.
Properly completed DIY projects for your event add a touch of creative flair and sentiment.
Learn the ABCs for great results every time!

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