Are Antioxidants Necessary?

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Antioxidants almost became a household word about 20 years ago.
They became popular with the MLM companies.
The MLM companies did their job and the US public was educated.
Now we find antioxidant in a lot of places.
We can get the over the Internet, down at the drug store, in the supermarket and at discount stores.
Probably someone at work sells them.
In one sense this is good because an antioxidant supplement can be very beneficial to our health.
In another aspect there is difficulty determining if the manufacturer processed the raw material properly and what was the raw material? In the last few years nutritionalists have uncovered many sources of antioxidants.
They have determined that some vegetables and several fruits are high in antioxidants, During the exploration and colonization of the northeastern part of our country the explorers learned from the Indians in the area that a tea made from particular pine tree had medicinal qualities.
Many many years later the medicinal quality became known as antioxidants.
It is also known as a bioflavinoid.
The product is called pine bark extract.
Some alternative medicine providers claim that the pine bark extract is the best source for high quality antioxidants.
Sufficient for me is that is an excellent source for antioxidants.
Grape seed extract is also highly regarded an a important source of antioxidants.
The antioxidant properties of grapes are found in the seed and skin.
Interestingly along these lines is that red wine can be a significant source of antioxidants, There is also a strong case for drinking one of the cheaper red wines.
In the expensive red wines and in the white the grape seeds and in some cases the skin is removed to produce a high quality wine.
In processing the cheaper red wines the seed and skin are crushed along with the pulp of the grape resulting in high antioxidant content.
For those who like a glass of wine with there meals this is an excellent way to get antioxidants.
For those who chose not to drink wine there are other sources available.
We have already mentioned the pine bark extract and of course grape seed extract is readily available in capsule form.
Although there are a number of companies marketing a high quality antioxidant product, there are some that are not high quality.
I feel comfortable buying from a particular MLM company that I have a high regard for or maybe go to a vitamin supplement chain stores.
If you are new to taking an antioxidant supplement, take at least the amount recommended on the container.
You may want to consider a higher dosage to start with.
There appears to be a benefit in starting out with a higher amount.
If your are receiving advice concerning your nutritional supplements from a competent source, follow that advice.
Be sure and continue taking the antioxidant supplement for a sufficient length time.
If you are taking the supplements for a particular reason, that reason may not change over night.
I have experienced benefits from taking an antioxidant supplement and continue to believe that antioxidants are necessary.

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