How to See Users at the Startup Welcome Screen on Windows

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    • 1). Press the "Windows" button and "R" together to open the Run command. Type "regedit" and then press "Enter."

    • 2). Click the ">" arrows to expand each branch of the registry tree. Navigate to:

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

    • 3). Right-click "ProfileList" and click "Export." Choose a location and enter a name such as "backup" and click "Export." This exports the entry in case anything goes wrong.

    • 4). Click each subfolder (beginning with "S-1-"). There are a minimum of three entries here: "Flags," "ProfileImagePath" and "State." If you click "ProfileImagePath" and read the full value, you will see the username at the end of the path name. There will be a folder for each user and then three Windows entries titled "systemprofile," "LocalService" and "NetworkService."

    • 5). Delete any of the "S-1-" folders that do not include at least three keys in them.

    • 6). Close the registry when you are done and restart your system.


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