One Life to Live Recap for Thursday, December 2, 2004

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AMC Update: Tad tries to find out what?s going on with Babe and Jamie. Babe and Jamie introduce baby James to Tad. Tad is concerned that Jamie killed Paul. Jamie admits he was at the cemetery but didn?t kill Paul. Crystal and David are looking for Babe and Jamie and Crystal plans on helping Babe through the ordeal but doesn?t want David to help. David tries to get Crystal to see that Babe might be going to jail for kidnapping Ace/Jamie.

Bianca walks in on them and asks why they are there. Crystal and David try to explain to Bianca that they are there for Babe and Jamie. Tad is willing to help find JR and tell him that his son is, in fact, alive.

Dorian is brought up to talk with Dan, she is adamant about her stance that she did not kill Paul and suggest they talk to Lindsay. Dan reminds Dorian that a witness picked her, not Lindsay, out of a lineup. Dorian thinks that Dan won?t talk to Lindsay because of their past relationship. John starts to bring Dorian back to her cell but runs into Nat. Dorian accuses John of ?saving? Nat from being arrested because they are friends. Nat just came to thank John for saving Cris and Jess. Nat peeks in John?s folder to find the files of the Flynn organization. Nat needs to talk to him about why she didn?t tell him that Cris was alive.

Jen confronts Rex on the destruction of her and Riley?s names in the cement. Rex tells her to chill out. Shannon comes over to defend Rex. Jen goes back to see Lindsay.

Rex reminds Shannon that she turned him over to the police and tells her to leave him alone. When she refuses to leave, Rex leaves.

Lindsay tells Jen that she is worried over the news. Jen asks what she means. Riley comes over as Lindsay tries to cover up the real news. Jen asks Lindsay to tell the truth. Lindsay tells her that Cris is alive. Jen can?t believe it and admits that she is happy for Nat.

Dan, Bo and Nora meet in Bo?s office. David comes bursting in and confesses to killing Paul. Bo doesn?t believe him. An officer brings Dorian into Bo?s office. David confesses that he killed Paul. Dorian slaps him and asks him what he?s doing. David, to no avail, tries to get Bo to believe him. Bo makes both Dorian and David wait outside his office. Nora will talk to David. Bo wants to hear them together. Dan goes to talk with Lindsay.

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