Information Marketing - Why It"s Such a Powerful Tool for Your Marketing Arsenal

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The concept of using information to market and grow your business, especially a home-based business is often touted but seldom really understood, or implemented very well.
So in this article I want to explain what it is and the powerful benefits of using it.
Really understanding the concept of information marketing and using it effectively to promote your business is important because it can be a total game-changer and might be exactly the boost your business needs to get to the next level.
So what is it? In its most basic terms, information marketing is just a way to share information with specific people, like your target audience, that can help them with a problem, need, shared interest or passion and generate interest in your products or services at the same time.
To truly market your business by sharing information it's important that your efforts cover both aspects.
You can use this form of marketing in a lot of different ways; like to drum-up leads for your products or services; eliminate your competition, or at least level the playing field; generate an additional source of income for your business; reduce marketing costs without lessening your impact in the marketplace or all of the above.
And if you share that information online your reach is extended to a potentially global customer base, especially if your product or service can be delivered in a digital format.
Here's an example of how information can be used as an effective way to attract new prospects to your business: Let's assume you've been a trainer in the childcare industry for umpteen years.
You show people how to get set up and obtain any registration, certification, permit or license they will need to operate a childcare business in NYC.
You love what you do and when the opportunity presents itself you take an "early retirement" offer from your job and decide to start a business in your home providing these training services.
But you really need to budget your money and still make this work.
One of the biggest costs traditionally is letting people know about your new business and convincing them of your credibility.
This is where the idea of using information as a promotional tool can come in very handy.
The key here is to distinguish yourself from Joe Blow who might be offering the same training as you, to stand out from the proverbial crowd so to speak.
In our example - we'll assume that you and your closest competitor both are marketing your training services without a lot of available cash, so you put ads on Craigslist, send out some press releases and put up fliers in places you know your customers frequent and so on.
Now, let's suppose your competitor's promotional material said something like - N.
S Childcare Certification Training being offered.
Each session limited to 150 people; first come first served basis...
00 per person.
Call 212-555-1234 for more information or to register today.
It's not a bad ad as ads go.
But now let's suppose your material says -
Are you interested in starting a child care business, do you need certification training? Grab your FREE, no obligation Special Report - Getting Certified For a Child Care Business Discover, everything you need to know to past certification, including: * What happens after certification training * What other training must you complete FIRST * Documents you'll need to have on hand * 5 Key Questions You Must Ask BEFORE choosing a trainer to make sure you get the one that's best for you * And most importantly the critical mistakes you must avoid to prevent delays in getting your application approved.
Get your report online at "YourWebsiteDotCom" or call 212 555-1212 and ask for your free report Don't miss out - go online or call today!
Now, given those two ads, which one would you choose? Most prospects will choose the one offering the free informative report.
Why? Because people like to get stuff for free and because, they're probably worried about what's involved and a little reassurance in the form of knowing what to expect would make them feel better and they absolutely, don't want to make any mistakes that means they have to wait even longer before they can start making money.
Then, provided your report was actually informative and offered real value, they are also more likely to buy from you or from someone you recommend.
In fact you can even start your promotional efforts much earlier in your prospect's research process so that you not only provide all of their training, you become a trusted advisor on the topic, virtually eliminating your competitor's from the playing field.
Plus, there is the excellent side benefit of little or no out-of-pocket costs, especially if you are using the internet as a way to maximize your distribution efforts.
These are just a few of the reasons information marketing is such a powerful weapon to have in your marketing toolbox no matter what size your marketing budget.
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