Lose 20 Pounds - 4 Surefire Tactics to Shed That Extra Weight

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If you want to lose twenty pounds fast but you need an extra helping hand, then keep reading.
In this article I'm going share with you three tips that will help you to lose that weight, quickly and in a healthy way.
The first tip I have for you is about controlling your fat intake.
To lose weight you must reduce your fat intake.
Notice that I say reduce your fat not get rid of it completely, apart from being virtually impossible to eat no fat at all, your body does in fact need a certain amount of fat.
Your body needs to be supplied with EFA's, which are Essential Fatty Acids.
These are good fats which actually bring positive benefits to your body, including reduced risk of heart disease and increased metabolism.
The fats you should be trying to avoid at all costs are the saturated fats and trans fats, these are found in such foods as cakes, ready meals, pies and cookies.
Studies have shown that both of the fats have a direct link to obesity, so avoid them as much as possible! The other type of fats are the unsaturated these are OK in limited amounts.
You should aim to keep you total fat intake between fifteen and twenty five percent of your total daily calorie intake.
Tips number two is a very simple change that you can make, drink more water! Water helps your body absorb nutrients and is also used in the fat burning process, in fact almost every process in your body needs water.
If you are not getting enough water your body won't be running efficiently.
You should be aiming to drink at least two litres of water each day, this amount will give your body all the water it needs to effectively burn fat.
The third tip I have for you is help control your appetite, this involves eating more fibre in your diet.
Fibre rich foods such as vegetables and fruits will fill you up easier than junk foods and also provide your body with a good source of nutrients.
Fibre rich foods also release energy slowly to your body which helps keep hunger at bay, as your body will feel like it is being sufficiently supplied and will not call for more food! The fourth and final tip I have for you is one that people cringe at, but it is vital for successful weight lose, and that tip is EXERCISE! Did that make you cringe?! A lot of people try to avoid exercise, and lose weight by just dieting, this is the wrong way to go about weight loss.
You can only starve you body so much before it revolts and refuses to lose any more fat, the answer to this is to burn off the fat using exercise.
You should be performing a cardiovascular workout, such as jogging, rowing, cycling or using a cross trainer at least three times a week.
If you can keep each session between twenty five and forty five minutes, you will be successfully burning off that fat! there is no need to try and kill yourself with this, start off at a nice steady pace that you can handle and slowly build up the pace and distance.
If you want to lose twenty pounds you must apply these four tips.
If you do, you will begin to see some great results and will be well on your way to that twenty pounds loss.
On top of that you will also begin to look and feel great, and have a lot more energy every day!

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