Success Motivation - Lay Down the Foundation Before the Transformation Begins

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You've got ideas of what you want to look like in 3 months, 6 months or just 4 weeks away.
Don't get side tracked.
You must take these steps if you want to see and feel powerful results that you deserve.
I will share them with you but you must promise me you'll do each step.
Okay, good.
- Know Your Reasons.
Find a strong and compelling purpose.
That decision will move you.
With a strong compelling purpose, it will pull you toward action.
In clarity and detail, find out why you want this? Is it more confidence? Open opportunities? Is it because it makes you feel living life, fully alive? Why do you want these results and what will it give you.
Spend at least an hour going through you whys.
- Empowerment Through Education.
Yes, you've got a crystal clear vision and a powerful purpose.
Those are vital.
If you don't know the how-to's to getting where you want to go, you'll be running like a dog chasing it's own tail.
- It's Got To Be Measurable.
Let's get back to a personal assessment.
Think of it as your starting point.
Here's what you've got to do to take measurable steps: A.
Where's The Doctor? Call the doc.
Make sure everything's "okay" with you health.
Set up an appointment if you haven't seen your physician in over 3 years.
Take Your Number Down.
Take down your scale weight and write it down.
This is just to get a starting point.
Get Down The Number.
Get your body fat tested by a qualified trainer or get a pair of calipers and do it on yourself.
Bring Out The Tape.
Get the girth measurements of your shoulders, chest, upper waist, lower waist, upper thigh, calves, and upper arms.
Go With The Images.
Take pre-transformation and final pictures.
There have been clients I've worked with that didn't feel comfortable taking their pictures that wish that they have.
- Re-Assess and Re-Check.
This is the next step.
Stay consistent for focus and for positive change.
You want to check your measurements and vision every six weeks to make sure you're still on course.
- Rule 69 Percent.
I have this rule that you don't need to be at one hundred percent all the time.
If you take action just under 70 percent of the time, you'll start seeing and feeling results.
Things don't have to be perfect; you just have to get going with action steps each day.
Do a little to get better at your behaviors.
What do you do with this information? Be proactive and take massive action.
Be consistent.
The difference with you succeeding and you failing is action.
Stay consistent baby! These steps of writing down your goals are important and you MUST take action.

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