What to Bring Along in a Backpack?

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When planning a trip it is very important to not only plan out the itinerary but to also plan out the items which are needed to be brought along.
The backpack is very useful during those times when the trip may take more than a day.
Here are the most important things to bring along in the backpack for that trip.
It is never a bad idea to bring along extra clothing especially in areas which are wet or during winter.
Remember to bring along rain gear or a poncho and extra socks.
There are now MREs marketed online and in specialty stores.
These are 'meal ready to eat' foods which are the standard rations for the military.
These are light weight and are best for field conditions where cooking may not be done.
Although these are supposedly for emergencies only, it is still important to bring along for the worst case scenarios.
And if there is difficulty in lighting fires and eating hot food is impossibility then these are the best to have around.
Bring extra water supplies for not all places have access to water.
It would also be good to bring some water purification pills because even if the movies show the characters dipping their heads into a water supply, it is still not a good idea.
There is no knowing if the water may be contaminated or not.
This would also guarantee that no diarrhea or other serious water-borne diseases affect the campers.
Knife and matches.
Do it the MacGyver way - Swiss knife and waterproof matches.
This is self explanatory.
First aid kit should have pain relievers, bandages, moleskin, topical and oral antibiotic like amoxicillin, sunscreen, insect repellents, betadine wash, anti-motility pills, etc.
look up the essentials online if you don't have an idea what to bring.
Flashlights should have extra batteries or have a long battery life.
Even if the trip planned is only for the day, it is still important to prepare for the unexpected.
Map, compass and GPS.
These are, again, self explanatory.
Just make sure you know how to use them.
Whistles may sound childish, but these are very important, especially when the team separates and there is a need to locate one another, fast.
Agree on a code between team members to make communication easier.
Sunglasses are important even during winter.
The glare of the sunlight on the snow could blind the eyes.
If not in winter, trekking through the hills could get the team closer to the sun so it is best to protect the eyes from the wind lash as well as the sunlight.

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