Color Everywhere: What"s Right for You?

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Wearing your correct colors will make you a force of nature.
This goes for both women and men.
After a color analysis you will be amazed at the compliments you receive when you wear your correct hues.
Color is the single best way to stretch your wardrobe adding a pop of color to neutrals will keep you looking modern.
By wearing the right hues, you will look vibrant, strong, sexy,powerful and healthy.
While we are drawn to the person wearing the right colors for their skin tone -it seems fashion, habit and pressures from others have muted our sensibilities when it comes to our own best colors.
Here are some tips on color:
  • Hand-me-downs and eBay (sorry eBay...
    I still love ya) are not places where you're likely to find your best colors.
  • Colors change by season.
    If the designers are not featuring your best colors, DON'T try and make it work by investing in wrong choices.
    If your colors ARE in the stores, stock up on the basics and classics so you will not be waiting 2 years, for example, for your perfect rust cardigan
  • If you have great clothes in your closet BUT the colors are off, try using the RIGHT COLOR with scarves or necklaces next to your face for a quick and easy fix- Colors have undertones, yellow (warm) and blue (cool).
    You can find a warm blue or a cool blue, a warm pink or a deep cool pink.
    Wearing your best colors are not about eliminating color but finding the right hue!
Tip for Women: You'll never look your best in the wrong colors no matter what you do with your makeup.
You end up just putting on more with a trowel to try to get yourself looking good.

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