The Mans Way - How to Declutter Your Home Fast

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Alright guys, the wife and kids have been out of town for a week and they will be home in a couple hours, so here is how to declutter your home fast and get it cleaned.
I know what you are thinking and that a couple shortcuts are going to get the job done the fastest.
That is probably true, but it probably is not going to go very far for brownie points with the wife.
Sure you could take those old bags of chips and just shove them in the entertainment center.
And yes, you could just flip the couch cushions over letting the crumbs fall to the abyss of the couch frame.
And you might get away with putting the empty soda cans behind the love seat, but these options are only going to last so long before being discovered.
So here are a couple ideas to how to declutter your home fast.
The first step is getting prepared in the beginning.
Right after you get finished loading up the SUV, giving goodbye kisses and standing on the porch waving goodby, head straight in and get ready for the coming week.
By the way, try not to act to enthused as they are leaving, I know it is a nice man vacation, but keep your excitement to yourself.
You can go nuts as soon as they hit the road.
Okay, back to being ready and how to declutter your home fast on the final day of their trip.
Let me just warn you this might be a little gritty for the ladies reading, but hang in there you will appreciate what I have to say.
First, take the garbage out.
I know this sounds ridiculous, the wife just left and I am telling you to take out the trash, but starting out with an empty can will help when it comes time for that quick declutter and clean up session that is coming in a few days time.
Next throw a couple empty bags in the bottom of the can then put in new liner.
Now place the trash can in the living room within throwing distance, but not to close to smell.
Now for the kitchen, and just like the trash, go ahead and start with a clean slate.
Make sure the sink is empty and the dishwasher is emptied.
One thing that is very important is to make sure you have plenty of aluminum foil to place on the pan that you are going to use to heat up your TV dinners.
These two preparations are going to make that end of the week cleaning spree much easier.
So on the morning the family is coming home here is how to declutter your home fast and get it cleaned up.
By now the trash is probably overflowing so pull it out and grab one of the empty bags to toss the overflow in.
With the spare bag make your way through the living room decluttering and cleaning away the trash on the coffee and end tables.
With the third empty garbage bag you are ready to put a fresh one in and take the can back to its appropriate place.
No make a break for the kitchen and transfer all the dishes that have accumulated through the week into the dishwasher.
Pick up all the clutter, empty boxes and crumpled up aluminum foil and toss into the spare bag that you used in the living room.
Now to finish you have basically got rid of the clutter so now you just need to do a quick sweep and maybe run the vacuum and the house is good to go.
Listen guys this is probably not the most efficient way to get the house cleaned, but if your wife is like mine, she is not expecting to come home to a perfectly clean home.
She just doesn't want to wade through clutter to get though the front door.
Theses are just a couple tips for the guys how to declutter your home fast.

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