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Carol of the Day

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" became a phenomenal hit during the late 1940s and remains a favorite to this day. The song sold millions of copies, inspired recordings in various languages and resulted in a variety of merchandise based on the lovable reindeer.

This Day in Music History

On this day in 1865, Jean Sibelius was born in Hämeenlinna, a small town in Helsinki. He composed symphonies, orchestral pieces, chamber, choral and incidental music, an opera and piano pieces.

He composed "Finlandia" in 1899; a powerful composition that made him a national figure.

Movie of the Day

Ray (Compare Prices) - This film is based on the life of keyboardist/musician Ray Charles. Charles, played by actor Jamie Foxx, had to overcome great obstacles in life including his blindness and drug addiction. A very inspiring movie on the life of this legendary musician.

Suggested Stocking Stuffer

Literacy in Motion by The Learning Station (Read the Review) - What makes this CD different is that it contains 20 songs that ties-up nicely to a specific children's book. For example, "Clickety Clack Click Rap A Tap Tap" correlates to the book Here’s Bojangles--Think of That! by Leo and Diane Dillon, while the song "Angry" ties-up with Molly Bang's When Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really Angry.

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